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Practical work

Practical work at the water polo camp

Introductory part of the training

Land warming 10`


Specific warm-up 20`

Include 20 min of specific swim workouts used in the main part of the workout


Tasks and tips: 

The warm-up is led by one of the trainers and the warm-up is led by one of the instructors 


Main part of the training: 1h + 30'

Part 1: Polygon for ball work - individual work (1h)

Subdivide the group into three/four smaller units

Part 2: On the Field - Teamwork (30`)


Final part of the training

Swim out 10`


Tasks and tips: 

As in the introduction at the beginning of the training: all together and at the command of the camp director! This should be insisted on, as this approach encourages the development of a sense of belonging to a group.


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About the site

Few scientific materials have been provided on this sport. Therefore, this project was started as a professional support to ''illuminate'' water polo.

We think this is an important investment to maintain high standards of sport and achieve ever higher goals in the technical mastery of this sport.


Barbarossaplatz 14-21
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