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Dear colleagues, dear parents,

This website is for you, as you have the greatest impact on the formation of athletes, not just in sporting experience but throughout life at the most delicate stages of their physical, social, and psychological development. One of the fundamental rights of children and young people is a physical activity but under the direction and control of qualified adult experts. This is how young people get to know the sport for the first time.

The trainers teach them sports skills, and their speed, strength, coordination, balance, and endurance are developed through the training. With the appropriate parental support, they learn how to compete, how to work together, how to behave in high-pressure and competitive stress situations, how to resolve conflicts non-violently, how to develop an athletic character, how to play fair, and how to all Participants in the sport and respect the sport itself. In a word - you educate them and educate them.

The website consists of several parts

In one part, the coaches are given the opportunity to learn a little more about the water polo school in order to use this knowledge in their practical work.
In the second part, you will get a better insight into your own work. You can see which activities, social skills, and strategic approaches are the basis of their jobs so that you can improve and possibly modify the current way of working.
The third part provides important information about the club management or sports organization in order to get a true picture of which sporting environment offers the best conditions for a good result. Also included in this section are the instructions for the parents, who play an extremely important role in supporting the children in their sporting activities in general.
As well as a part in which the practical representations of demonstrators from trainings, competitions, seminars, and water polo camps are presented and updated.

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About the site

Few scientific materials have been provided on this sport. Therefore, this project was started as a professional support to ''illuminate'' water polo.

We think this is an important investment to maintain high standards of sport and achieve ever higher goals in the technical mastery of this sport.


Barbarossaplatz 14-21
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