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Mission and values

Our mission is to use our many years of experience and knowledge to help all interested individuals and organizations that are part of our sport.

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Expected results of this project

Any sports game has a tendency to develop, so it is necessary to regularly analyze competitive activity in order to monitor the development of suitable indicators for the game. Based on the trend (status) of the monitored indicators, conceptual corrections are made to the training work. The reasons for presenting this water polo school are:

  • Analysis and summary of the professional work of the best water polo schools and coaches to develop a new professional approach to the technical education of water polo players
  • A new paradigm as a model for more professional guidance of a young player to sporting excellence
  • Model for popularizing water polo schools

The expected results of this project can also be interpreted as follows

  • Professional (program) progress in the function of future development of water polo, especially in the field of career planning and the importance of timely alignment with the contents of technology
  • Technological breakthrough in accordance with the presentation of empirical and theoretical material in the form of electronic records
  • A fresh approach to training programs and ongoing work with staff
  • Work on joint projects in accordance with the appropriate technological environment (exchange and association)

About the site

Few scientific materials have been provided on this sport. Therefore, this project was started as a professional support to ''illuminate'' water polo.

We think this is an important investment to maintain high standards of sport and achieve ever higher goals in the technical mastery of this sport.


Barbarossaplatz 14-21
10781 Berlin, Germany

+49 157