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Contents of the Water Polo Camp

Draft elaboration of the contents of the national water polo camp


1. IContent solution for holding a water polo camp

Determination of the sports educational activities of the water polo camp

  • Selection and preparation of the elements of the water polo game to be covered
  • Selection and preparation of the lecture topics for the theoretical part of the training
  • Timetable and division of practice and theory

2. Practical work

Preparation of the practical part of the work in the camp

  • Preparation of work program and scheme for individual water units
  • Preparation of the program for all training sessions on dry land such as strength training, stretching, gym...

Preparation of a list of the required training equipment for practical sports training

  • Creation of the list of equipment required for water training and precise breakdown of the equipment according to training sessions and needs
  • Creation of the list of required equipment for dry training and precise breakdown of the equipment according to training units and needs

Preparation of a list of the trainers and staff responsible for the practical part of the camp

  • List of leaders, trainers, coordinators, responsible helpers for water units
  • List of managers, trainers, coordinators, responsible helpers for dry units
  • Distribution of individual, precise tasks as well as a schedule for all people involved

3. Theoretical training in the camp

Preparation of the theoretical part of the work

  • Preparation of the lectures for selected topics in the form of a Power Point presentation
  • Preparing the video material for dealing with the practical issues
  • In addition to the water polo-specific topics, the following content can also be edited: hygiene, nutrition, regeneration, checking the body's reactions to training loads, etc.
  • Selection of topics that are important for the trainers or the athletes

Preparation of a list of the technical means or devices required for the theoretical training

  • Creation of a list of the required devices for each individual lecture such as notebook, beamer, projector,  heart rate monitors...and a schedule

Preparation of a list of personnel responsible for conducting theoretical lessons

  • Preparation of the list of lecturers, demonstration staff, assistants for conducting theoretical lessons
  • Distribution of individual precise tasks as well as a schedule for all people involved

4. Other Activities

Preparation of other activities

  • Selection and schedule of activities. Games, cultural and educational content, organization of excursions...

List of technical devices or means for carrying out other activities and schedule of use

  • Preparation of a list of the required technical resources and a schedule for their use

List of staff to carry out other activities

  • Prepare a list of the animators, chaperones and helpers to carry out the activities and give precise tasks as well as a timetable

5. Diagnostics

Select appropriate tests

  • Preparation and selection of protocols for tests such as swimming tests or specific tests on the polygon, tests on dry land, measurements, anthropometry..
  • Creation of the test logging tables and development of the program for processing and calculation of all test results
  • Create a precise schedule for running each test

Preparation of a list of the technical aids needed to carry out the tests

    • List of the technical aids
    • required to carry out



Prepare a list of the personnel responsible for conducting the tests

  • List of trainers and technical assistants responsible for conducting the tests
  • Distribution of individual tasks tailored to the person and creation of a precise schedule
  • Assignment, as required, of the previously determined technical aids to individuals
  • Written description and explanation of all tests for coaches and active players

Creation of a diagnostic sheet

  • Drawing up a diagnostic sheet with test results to hand out to the clubs and coaches participating in the camp
  • Adequate evaluation of the measured test results with useful insights

Preparation of a registration form and the medical confirmation of fitness for sports as mandatory documents for all camp participants

Design a general questionnaire for everyone

6. Technical management of the camp

Technical coordinator of the camp

  • Tasks of the technical coordinator : management of all registrations, implementation of all organizational activities, reception and accommodation, realization of all content, management of staff and management of technical resources

Technical support staff

  • Creating the list of all temporary workers and assigning precise tasks with the exact schedule of activities

7. Management of the subject-specific work area

Camp leader

  • Professional management of sports and educational activities, supervision and management of trainers, coordinators and animators, implementation of the camp's specialist content

Other professionals

  • List of other professionals. Trainers, coordinators, animators...
  • Distribution of individual tasks with a precise schedule for completing the tasks

8. Medical Service

camp doctor

  • On-call doctor present during all activities, training and free time, and for the duration of the camp. Sufficient and adequate equipment with necessary medicines and medical supplies is required.
  • Contact a local medical institution

Medical examinations before and after the camp

  • Participants come healthy and with a sports doctor's certificate. Determination, after consultation with the doctor responsible, of the requirements and content of the sports medical examination. If necessary, carry out the examination during the camp.

9. Other activities related to camp preparation

Internet presentation of the camp

  • All important information about the camp and its contents as well as all documents required for registration should be presented and made available on a website.
  • Design of a multimedia presentation with a short presentation of all activities and contents of the camp. The training facilities and the location of the camp should also be presented in the presentation.

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