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Manual for Parents

Manual for Parents

Why is it good for children to exercise?

For children and young people, sport is an exceptional educational and socializing activity that can greatly enhance their growth and prepare them for roles and responsibilities in adulthood. Research shows that sports can be very beneficial and promote responsible social behavior, better academic performance, the adoption of moral values, and healthy living habits. Sport is an opportunity for children and young people to learn. It's a room where you practice for life.

Participation in sports, and especially team sports, teaches young people teamwork, leadership, self-discipline, responsibility, and tolerance and develops their "coping skills", i.e. the ability to overcome various problems, teaches them perseverance, and respect for authority, develops work habits, strengthens their character, their self-esteem and their self-confidence.

According to a survey of teachers and school staff, young athletes have better grades and behave better in the classroom because of the link between discipline and work ethic. The research data clearly confirms that children who are active in sports have better school success, better-developed social skills, more team orientation, and better physical conditions.

About the site

Few scientific materials have been provided on this sport. Therefore, this project was started as a professional support to ''illuminate'' water polo.

We think this is an important investment to maintain high standards of sport and achieve ever higher goals in the technical mastery of this sport.


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